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14:35 Dec 31 2009

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Tibet to set up general chamber of commerce next year
09:05, December 28, 2009  

The Tibet Autonomous Regional Federation of Industry and Commerce has decided to set up the region's General Chamber of Commerce in 2010.

"In about 30 provinces and municipalities in other parts of China, the province-level federations of industry and commerce and the general chambers of commerce are working hand in hand to provide services for the private sector," said Li Yan, an official of the federation.

"In Tibet, however, it is only the Tibet Autonomous Regional Federation of Industry and Commerce that is performing such a function."

Upon establishment, the chamber is expected to play a major role in promoting Tibet's economic growth, increasing non-governmental exchanges, helping the orientation with the market and enhancing communication among various enterprises.

Meanwhile, it will also try to create an environment conducive to the sound growth of the private sector and people employed in the sector.

Source: Xinhuanet

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