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15:03 Dec 31 2009

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Tibetan children study in "top scholars" county
16:08, December 28, 2009  

A Tibetan student is answering question in the class. (People's Daily Online Photo)

The students are playing games during the recess. (People's Daily Online Photo)

Currently, 123 Tibetan students from Maqu County in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu province are studying in primary and secondary schools thousands of miles from their hometown in Huining County, Gansu province. They have an opportunity to receive good education in Huining County thanks to an education assistance agreement reached between the two counties.

Huining is an important county for education in northwestern China. In recent years, quite a number of top scorers for the college entrance examination in Gansu province were from Huining County. With the help of all circles in Gansu province, Huining and Maqu counties reached an agreement on education assistance. The assistance outlines that for 15 years starting from autumn 2004, Maqu County will send 20 Tibetan students to receive education from the primary level to senior high school level in Huining County each year. To provide convenience for the Tibetan students, Huining County not only exempts any fees, but also gives subsidies for their food and accommodation. Maqu County also dispatches special teachers to take care of the students' daily lives and teach them the Tibetan language.

By People's Daily Online

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