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15:03 Dec 31 2009

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Tibet dream pursuers enjoy life journey in Tibet
09:49, December 29, 2009  

There is a group of people who were attracted by leisurely and comfortable lifestyle in Lhasa during their visit to Tibet and later chose to settle down there. (Photo Source:

There is a group of people who were attracted by leisurely and comfortable lifestyle in Lhasa during their visit to Tibet and later chose to settle down there.

They are called "the Tibet dream pursuers," considered a major component of Lhasa's sub-cultural phenomenon.

Different from one another in social experience, education background and mode of thinking, all of those migrants to Lhasa are common in pursuit of a spiritual world and allured by unique urban civilization of the plateau of Tibet, as well as by its capital of Lhasa.

"Tibet dream pursuers" seek legendary life experience in Lhasa

They hold such a philosophy that life is a journey with an unknown destination; what they care about is the natural view along the way and the mood at that time; dreams lying afar drive them to continue exploring further.

Compared with their fathers, they are a bit rebellious against social conventions and traditions and they lack the sense of responsibility for families and society. They care more about their living conditions and the feeling of their life. They long for a legend of their roam, referring to the freedom, ideal and love.

According to Chinese writer Yu Qian, these pursuers mainly include the following groups: those tired of fast-paced metropolitan life under great pressure, those hurt by love failures and trying to seek comfort in a sacred place like Lhasa, and freelancing artists who are fascinated by Tibet's characteristic culture and want to seek creative inspiration from the region's landscape, religion, history and folklores, as well as the travel fans who have both time and money to gather together for sightseeing and exploration in Tibet.

A happiness index survey shows that Lhasa ranks first in 31 Chinese capital cities and municipalities directly under the Central Government in terms of the milk of human kindness, opportunity to make money and personal development in recent three years.

Experts note that the index level relies on whether the changes in urban development can be perceived more easily. Lhasa undoubtedly satisfies those pursuers because it is qualified in these factors.

Ambitious value orientation

Bored with the fast-paced cosmopolitan life in Shanghai, a man nicknamed Shitou came to Lhasa years ago, where he rented a Tibetan-style villa to run a family-run hotel.

"I usually solicit business by Internet. Thanks to a high occupancy rate, I can earn a decent living in this city. I'm enjoying my current life," the young guy said.

Chen Jia from Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province, opened a bar named "Seven Square Meters" in the suburbs of Lhasa. In his spare time he also plays music with local music enthusiasts. What pleases him the most is that the man in his 30's has found his sweetheart there.

More and more people may pursue their dreams in Tibet

"Tibet dream pursuers" are defined as those non-Tibet natives who work and live in Lhasa only, with a high sense of pursuing ideality and cultural traits. They have resided in the city for half a year to several years, different from Tibet's office workers or migrant laborers, whose life and work are stable and permanent there.

These pursuers are believed to have brought new ideas and advanced cultural notions into the plateau city. With the operation of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and more understanding of Tibet, pursuing dreams in Tibet may probably become a fashion for some people today.

Source: Xinhuanet

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