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15:03 Dec 31 2009

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Popular books on China in 2009
11:02, December 29, 2009  

Books drawing attention from both critics and the public this year can be broadly put into the following categories:


A poster of "A Year in Tibet," a five-episode documentary on Tibet. (Photo: CRIonline)

"King Gesar," "One Year in Tibet," "A Reader on Tibet" and "From Wind to Classics" all help readers better understand Tibet's past and present.

"One Year in Tibet" comes from a one-year documentary project in Gyantse, the third-largest town in Tibet Autonomous Region. Chinese writer and independent producer, Sun Shuyun, who is now based in London, followed eight ordinary Tibetans and captured some of the most important and moving moments in their lives. When the documentary was aired in BBC last March, it drew the attention of the whole world.

"A Reader on Tibet," by veteran writer Su Shuyang, is a small but interesting book on Tibet's history and culture. Su's work is acclaimed as a standout by literary critics and Tibetology researchers. The 71-year-old writer looks at Tibet from a global perspective, brings history alive with eloquent language and criticizes powerfully distorted views on Tibet with evidence and analysis.

"From Wind to Classics: 15 Tales on Tibet's Culture and History" is the latest offering by writer Ma Lihua, who lived and worked in Tibet for 27 years. She chooses 15 striking figures and events in Tibet's long history. "The book has surpassed all pre-formed views and touches the throbbing pulse of the Tibetan culture," says literary critic Li Jinze.
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