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15:02 Dec 31 2009

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Trip to Tibet impresses overseas Chinese boy
09:59, December 30, 2009  

Eagles hover in the sky above the Tibet Plateau. (Xinhua Photo)

An 18-year-old boy named Qi Yue from Canada wrote an article titled "Charming Tibet" carried in the People's Daily Monday.

The full text of his article is as follows:

Lying in your heart is a sacred place, in which your belief and ideal are reposed, and hopes as well as disappointment are carried.

It is not necessarily your hometown, the place where you were born and grew-up, or a bustling city full of material tempts. In your eyes, it must be the cleanest and the most sacred.

For me, Tibet is exactly such a place.

Probably influenced by my mother who is a tour guide, my family all love traveling. I began to go traveling with my family every summer from three years old.

Of course, I have been impressed by all the places I have visited, such as the Great Wall in Beijing, the West Lake in Hangzhou, the spectacular Three Gorges and skyscrapers in Shenzhen. Yet, what has impressed me the most is the recent trip to Tibet.

Southwest China's Tibet lies at a high altitude with little environmental pollution. Having no grand Palace Museum or the Great Wall like Beijing, or picturesque West Lake and primitive bridges in Hangzhou, though, Tibet boasts vast grasslands, devout and kind-hearted herders, and the mysterious Potala Palace.
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