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16:53 Jan 13 2010

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Special: How are Buddha statues "tempered"?
13:54, January 13, 2010  

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Making a Buddha statue is a huge project. The Duliang Scripture is the "bible" for Tibetan craftsmen. It has strict rules for the size and proportion of Tangka and sculptures. No matter the width of the Buddha's eyes and eyebrows, the height of its nose or the proportion of its body, the craftsmen have to abide by the regulations in the scripture.

The clever craftsmen have found a good way of assure all the Buddha statues have the same proportions and figure- Lattice Location. In fact, the method is quite similar to cross-stitch which is quite popular now. With the help of the Lattice Location, you will never confuse the Medicine Buddha and the Byams Pa Buddha.
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