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17:16 Jan 13 2010

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Blizzards to hit parts of Tibet
17:15, January 13, 2010  

Heavy snow will blanket most parts of the Tibet Autonomous Region from Jan. 13, with blizzards hitting Ngari and Xigaze prefectures, according to the Tibet Regional Meteorological Observatory.

According to the observatory, the snow weather will affect the region's Ngari, Xigaze, Nagqu, Chamdo and Nyingchi prefectures. Flurries or moderate snow will hit Ngari, Xigaze and Nagqu prefectures from Jan 13 to 14.

Meanwhile, blizzards will strike the southern parts of Ngari and Xigaze prefectures, such as Purang,Tsochen, Dengpa and Nyalam counties.

From Jan. 14 to 15, Nagqu, Chamdo and Nyingchi will have light snow weather, with part of the areas having moderate snow.

The heavy snowfall may worsen the conditions of the already snow-covered Ngari prefecture, keeping temperatures dropping. It will also adversely affect local traffic and animal husbandry.

Preventive measures should be taken in the snowfall areas, according to weather experts.

Source: Xinhuanet

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