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09:16 Jan 14 2010

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Photos: People call it "Auspicious Heavenly Road"
09:08, January 14, 2010  

On Oct 11, 2008, Tibetan donkeys forage beside the Qinghai-Tibet railway. In order to protect wild life, 33 passageways were constructed along the line. (Xinhua Photo)

In the first decade of the new century, the dream of constructing the Qinghai-Tibet railway successfully came true. People can hear the train whistle from Kunlun Mountain, Tanglula Mountain, Tsonag Lake, as well as the Chang Tang Grassland.

The first time a train has passed by the "the roof of the world". China's Tibet Autonomous Region now has one more convenient passageway with China's mainland.

As the world's highest and longest plateau railway, the builders had to overcome many difficulties and face many skeptical voices.

The opening of traffic on the Qinghai-Tibet railway has shortened the distance between China's Tibet and other regions. The tour to the Qinghai-Tibet plateau has become a golden tourist line. The economy along the line has been promoted rapidly.

Walking into Tibet to enjoy the breathtaking scenery; walking out of Tibet to know the world outside.

"Auspicious heavenly road" is the name of the Qinghai-Tibet railway given by the people.

By People's Daily Online
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