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11:28 Jan 18 2010

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More than plane water
11:27, January 18, 2010  

Photo shows the 5100 bottled water. (China Daily Photo)

Air China is introducing the brand 5100 bottled water to serve passengers in first and business classes to enhance cabin service.

"We're very prudent in choosing a catering partner," said Hu Min, senior manager of Air China's cabin service department. The mineral water finally got a permit after rounds of tests and checks by the carrier to prove its quality and brand value.

5100 water, dubbed China's Evian, bottled in Damxung, about two hours from Lhasa, Tibet, is a famous water brand.

The water is from 70 million-year-old glaciers, and percolates underground for eight years before it is tapped for its mineral richness and health benefits.

The rare and high-quality water is intended to match the status of people in upscale cabins.

Business insiders said the move shows Air China's support of national brands rather than overseas counterparts.

China has long lacked a domestic international water brand, and the partnership between 5100 with Air China should give it added prominence.

Source: China Daily

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