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15:47 Jan 21 2010

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Qinghai Pavilion tells story of being "Source of Three Rivers"
10:05, January 21, 2010  

Qinghai Pavillion ( Photo)

The main model looks like "源," a Chinese character in the ancient seal script (meaning the source of the river), with the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lantsang River "flowing" among the Chinese character.

The cloth exhibition was launched on January 10 in the Qinghai Pavilion. The pavilion's theme is "Sanjiangyuan, China's water tower," telling people that it is the source of life, civilization and city.

The inspiration of the main model of the Qinghai Pavilion came from the Chinese character "源," a word in ancient seal script. It looks like the modern Chinese character "原." "厂," is a radical of "原" and is designed in the form of the mountain peak, representing the Kunlun Mountains, the ancestor of many mountains in China.

The mountain ridge is covered with the "snow." "小," another radical of "原," is composed of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the Lantsang River, all of which originate from Qinghai province. The banks of three rivers are fully covered with lavish wooly grass. Additionally, "日," the center part of "原," represents the Jade Pool, the residence of the Queen Mother of the West in Chinese mythology.

More ingeniously, the left-hand part of "源" is composed of the mascots of the Qinghai Pavilion, which are Shuiyuan, Xueyuan and Luyuan representatively standing for the three sources of water, which are the rivers, the snow on the snow mountain and the crystal dewdrops in the prairies. They will tell visitors the story of "Sanjiangyuan, China's water tower."

Source: CCTV online

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