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16:04 Jan 21 2010

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Two Italians seeking the soul of Tibet
15:53, January 21, 2010  
Two Italians seeking the soul of Tibet

Wei Zhengzhong, an Italian, one of the people in charge of exhibition, is talking with a visitor. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

A photo exhibition titled Seeking the Soul of Tibet with Giaseppe Tucci is now showcased in the Arthur M.sackier Museum of Art and Archaeology of Peking University and will last till February 18, 2010.

Divided into five parts, the exhibition displays around 170 photos Tiuseppe Tucci taken last century when he and his team launched scientific investigations in the Tibetan-inhabited areas, briefly introducing the religionary scenes, historical relics, life of monks and ordinary Tibetan people.

Each photo has a brief introduction in Han language extracted from books of Tucci to help people understand.

Giaseppe Tucci was an Italian scholar of oriental cultures, specialising in Tibet and history of Buddhism. He died in May 1984, two months before his 90th birthday.

During 1928 to 1948, Tucci and his team have launched investigations in Tibetan-inhabited areas for eight times, taking 20,000 photos. The films and photos are now housed in the Italy State Museum of Eastern Culture, playing an important role for people to get acquainted with the history and custom of Tibet.

Wei Zhengzhong, also an Italian, who is now an associate professor of the Academy of Archaeology of Peking University, is one of the people in charge of exhibition. He has been living in China for 15 years and is very fluent in Chinese.

Wei said he started studying the achievements of Tucci since 1999 and decided to translate the series of books of Tucci on his eight investigations into Chinese. Cooperated with Shaerji, a Tibetan scholar in the Academy of Foreign Language in Peking University, Wei Zhengzhong has been wrapped up in this work for 11 years, and finally, on December 16, 2009, a book titled "Fan Tian Fo Di" was published.

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