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16:21 Jan 21 2010

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Tibetans move into new houses ahead of schedule
16:15, January 21, 2010  
Tibetans move into new houses ahead of schedule

The local farmer Lundron Wanggyai (L) is moving into his new house in Tohlung Dechen. (Xinhua Photo)

One year in advance, Tibet has fulfilled its housing plan in the "11th-Five-Year Plan" period as 1.2 million local farmers and herdsmen from 230,000 households, taking up 80% of the region's people who live in poor houses, have moved into new houses in the past four years.

Meanwhile, the local government also accelerated to improve the infrastructure construction in farm and pastoral areas.

Up to now, 1.22 million people can enjoy safe drinking water, over 1.5 million farmers and herdsmen's families have access to electricity while highways have been constructed in 4,222 administrative villages of 668 townships and towns, telephones have been installed in 85 percent administrative villages and postal services are available in 80 percent townships and towns.

This year, Tibet will help the rest 20 percent of farmers and herdsmen live in comfortable houses.

Source: China Tibet Information Center
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