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16:28 Jan 21 2010

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Tibet mourns for peacekeeping police killed in Haiti quake
16:27, January 21, 2010  

TAR public security department bade farewell to eight peacekeeping police officers who were killed in the 7.3-magnitude earthquake in Haiti last week, with Li Zhao, director of TAR public security department delivered a speech at the ceremony held at the hall of TAR public security office in Lhasa.

"Today we express our deeply mourning for the eight martyrs who gave their lives for the peacekeeping mission in Haiti," Li said. "They are the outstanding representatives of 2 million People's Police in China. They as the models deserve to be remembered as loyal guardians of world peace."

Recently, China has sent over 1,500 policemen including 5 from Tibet for the peacekeeping mission in Haiti.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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