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09:59 Jan 26 2010

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Foreign media heeds efforts to speed up Tibet construction
09:58, January 26, 2010  

The Beijing-based Global Times reported January 25 that China's top leaders had discussed Tibet-related issues during a work conference January 22 and relevant media reports have caused the foreign media to turn their eyes to Tibet.

The Website of "Voice of America" said that this is the first Tibet-related conference held by the Communist Party of China (CPC) in 9 years, and the 5th since the CPC took power 60 years ago.

"China hopes to maintain stability in Tibet by developing the local economy," Jiang Zhaoyong, an independent political analyst from Hong Kong, was quoted by the United Morning Post as saying that this conference proposed the correct road towards Tibet's development, indicating that the Chinese government has not changed its position on Tibet governance – development on the basis of social stability and promoting social stability by realizing development.

The "specific region-oriented plan" reflects the Chinese government's emphasis on the overall development of the Tibetan society, the report said.

However, some western media groups have made a fuss about the Chinese Government's intention to realize an "unusual development and long-term stability and peace in Tibet." An analyst was quoted by the BBC as saying although the economy developed rapidly in Tibet over the past several years, data revealed by local media still shows that the average yearly income of Tibet's farmers and herdsmen which account for 80 percent of Tibet's total population stands at 3,410 yuan, much lower than the country's average of 8,585 yuan.

By People's Daily Online

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