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11:12 Jan 26 2010

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Devout Tibetan pilgrims
11:06, January 26, 2010  

Towering at an altitude of 6,740 m, the Kawaboge Peak is the highest of its kind in southwest China's Yunnan Province. ( Photo)

Generally considered a major holy mountain for Tibetan Buddhist followers, the peak is worshipped and enshrined by pilgrims, who make a pilgrimage around the mountain in order to show their reverence and adornment to the mountain. Influenced by the Tibetan Buddhist conception to respect and protect all creatures, the Tibetan ethnic group regards holy mountains and lakes as respectable as their parents.

Those pilgrims coming afar strictly follow religious rituals during the pilgrimage, although they carry baggage weighing 12 to 20 kg on their backs and are exposed to cold and rain all along their journey.

Source: Xinhuanet
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