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15:05 Jan 29 2010

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Purify world's highest peak
09:43, January 29, 2010  

Mt. Qomolangma, the former "life-forbidden zone," has now become a "tourist hotspot," with more and more rubbish left by climbers. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

Statistics shows that a total of 10 tons of rubbish are collected on Mt, Qomolangma annually, with most being plastic, iron and steel products.

In 2009, Tibet's Environment Protection Department and the Tibet Mountaineering School jointly launched a campaign to clean up the world's highest peak, attracting many volunteers to join.

Recently, 20 Nepali alpinists have declared that they will surmount the top of Qomolangma in batches time and again to clean up the dangerous area towering more than 8,000 m above sea level. Each of them will take down 15 kg of garbage until all the two tons of garbage are collected for disposal at last.

"Beauty is fading on the peak of the world, only left oxygen cylinders, loops, hooks and deserted tents... The world has only one Qomolangma, so we must protect it well and leave a clean mountain to our offspring," said the group leader Sherpao, who has conquered the peak for seven times.

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