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16:09 Feb 04 2010

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Power grids in Tibet, Qinghai to be linked
16:09, February 04, 2010  

The project to connect the power grids in Tibet Autonomous Region and Qinghai Province is set to start later this year, according to the Lhasa Power Bureau.

Upon completion, the project will help guarantee the smooth operation of the low-voltage power grid, said Tan Zhihong, director of the bureau.

File photo shows a worker examining and repairing electrical wire somewhere in Tibet. (Xinhua Photo)

Tan noted that his bureau will do its utmost to solve the potential safety hazards and electricity shortage problems within one year, so as to improve its power supply capacity.

Meanwhile, the bureau will make more efforts to examine and repair the electricity supply equipment.

Tan added that the power-related departments in Tibet will also focus on the technological updating of power grids in urban areas.

Source: Lhasa Evening News/Xinhuanet

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