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13:40 Feb 07 2010

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Chinese Embassy in Nepal hosts Tibetan Tiger New Year reception
13:37, February 07, 2010  

In celebration of the Tibetan Tiger New Year, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal hosted a reception on Saturday in Nepali capital Kathmandu.

More than 600 Tibetan compatriots residing in Nepal attended the reception and celebrated the festival with Embassy staff together.

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Qiu Guohong extended season's greetings and sincere wishes to all Tibetan compatriots in Nepal.

In his speech, Qiu hailed the outstanding economic and social development that China's Tibet Autonomous Region achieved in 2009,and depicted a new Tibet with a fast developing economy, stable social order and strengthened ethnic unity to those Tibetan compatriots residing abroad.

"The central Government of China has always been attaching great importance to the livelihood of those Tibetan compatriots residing abroad", Qiu said.

Qiu also expressed his hope that all the Tibetan compatriots continue supporting the development and unification of China.

The attendees also enjoyed a show given by the Art Troupe from Nagchu area of Tibet.

Source: Xinhua

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