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10:45 Feb 11 2010

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Tibetans busy greeting Tibetan New Year
10:45, February 11, 2010  

"Before the Tibetan New Year, I come to the Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa, capital of Tibet, to pray for a happy and peaceful life. I think it will be a significant new year," Konjo, a herder from the region's countryside, says with anticipation.

Both the Spring Festival and Tibetan Tiger New Year will fall on the same day, namely, Feb. 14, which adds the festive atmosphere in Tibet.

In order to welcome the upcoming new year, all the Tibetan houses have been festooned with brand new "Xianbu"(which means "curtain" in the Tibetan language) and colorful streamers. People greet each other with "Tashi Delek"(which means "good luck and happiness to you"), toasting with highland barley liquor.

Nuozhen, a female citizen in Lhasa, has been busy preparing for the new year, "You've got to prepare a "Zhusuqiema"(or dou, a measure for grain, like the shape of a cup) full of Zanba (roasted highland barley flour) and wheat for the new year, which stands for a good harvest next year."

"Surely, you cannot forget new hada(a piece of silk used as a greeting gift)," She adds: "We should express our thanks for the nature and pray for a better future in the new year."

On the first day of the Tibetan New Year, Tibet's temples are usually crowded with pilgrims from everywhere. Worshipping is regarded as the most important thing on the very day. People pray for a better life and a happy new year.

Source: Xinhua

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