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17:04 Feb 20 2010

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Hotspring bath popular during Tibetan Losar
17:02, February 20, 2010  

Hotspring bath became very popular in Tibet during the Tibetan Losar and the Spring Festival holidays.

"It is dry in spring in Lhasa. So I feel relaxed and enjoyable to bathe in a hot spring," a female citizen surnamed Wang from Tibet's capital of Lhasa said.

Wang was having a bath in the Rutog Hotspring in Maizhokunggar County, Lhasa. The hotspring attracted a large number of tourists from Lhasa and other places.

In recent years Maizhokunggar county has given priority to the development of its tourism. The services in the Rutog Hotspring have improved with accommodation and entertainment combined together.

Liu, a male citizen from Lhasa, said, "I choose to bathe in a hot spring during the Tibetan New Year holiday because I am usually very busy at working days. It is very cold outside, and it is really pleasant to spend the new year in this nice place with my families this way."

The Rutog Hotspring is always crowded with tourists in every season.

Source: Xinhuanet

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