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16:58 Feb 21 2010

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Over 3,000 new cultural relic sites found
16:57, February 21, 2010  

Tibet's third general cultural relics' survey found 3,004 new relic sites by the end of 2009, reporters recently learned.

Yu Dawa, director of the Tibet Autonomous Regional Bureau of Cultural Relics, said during a conference held in Lhasa for the directors of the Tibet Autonomous Region's cultural and heritage bureaus that since the initiation of the third general cultural relics survey, 4,268 irremovable cultural relic sites have been found and registered, including 1,513 sites of ruins, 501 ancient tombs, 1,443 ancient buildings, 581 cave temples and stone inscription sites, as well as 207 contemporary historical sites and typical buildings. Of them, 3,004 are newly found cultural relic sites.

The cultural relic sites that were newly found in the survey include the rock paintings in the Tashi Island on the eastern bank of Namtso Lake in Damxung County. The rock paintings were created during the period ranging from prehistoric times to the Tubo Period, and are the first of its kind ever found in Tibet. In addition, survey teams also found 3 stone sarcophagus tombs in Pome County and over 70 ancient buildings, tombs, cave temples, stone inscription sites and other relic sites in Ngari Prefecture.

By People's Daily Online

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