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08:38 Feb 24 2010

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Special stamps witness Tibetans' new life
08:36, February 24, 2010  

Photo shows the set of stamps showing Tibetans' new happy life.

No. 47 set of stamps titled as "Tibetans' new life" was issued on Nov 25, 1961. Composed by 5 stamps with 940.75mm wide, this set was designed by Liu Shuoren and published by Beijing Stamp Printing Factory.

This set of stamps not only reflected the democratic reform in Tibet and the emancipated serfs living a happy life after breaking loose from the cruel serfdom, but also revealed Tibetans' traditional clothes and custom.
The scenery of stamps is created by Pan Shixun, famous painter from Jilin province. Since 1960, he had visited Tibet for 5 times and witnessed the great changes of Tibetans' life. He used his painting brushes to describe Tibetans' new outlook of life and shaping the image of Tibetan farmers.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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