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10:02 Feb 24 2010

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China Overseas Tibetan Association established in U.S.
10:00, February 24, 2010  

China Overseas Tibetan Association sponsored by the soul music producer and famous Tibetan singer Dbyangscan Lhamo was established in California on Feb 21, which provides a platform of spiritual, cultural and artistic communications and exchanges for overseas and mainland Tibetans.

Photo shows Dbyangscan Lhamo(R), her sister Lhamo Co(M) and Daizang Drolma(L) composed "Three sisters singing group" in 2000 are singing "Three flowers".

Dbyangscan Lhamo, famous Tibetan singer, said Tibetans were born with the spirit of harmony and joy. She wished this association could help Tibetans share their experiences and promote the understanding of oversea people about Tibetan culture.

China Overseas Tibetan Association with Dbyangscan Lhamo as the chairman will provide the English language learning software, the business and tourist information, highland barley and Tibetan medicine introductions, record ancient Tibetan folk songs and other services for Tibetans.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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