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13:38 Feb 25 2010

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Lhasa Railway Station meets post-holiday peak
13:38, February 25, 2010  

With the end of 2010 New Year and Tibetan Losar holidays, Lhasa Railway Station receives increasing inward passengers from Feb. 19 and along with the new semester begins, it meets outward passengers peak from Feb. 25. The passenger volume of Qinghai-Tibet Railway will gradually drop after February 27, said Yi Xianfa, director of Safety Technology & Information Statistics Bureau of Lhasa Railway Station.

By the end of February 22, Lhasa Railway Station has transported 46,368 outward passengers during passenger transportation for new year holiday, including 14,196 passengers from February 13 to 22, sources from Lhasa Railway Station.

The 2010 passenger transport work during spring festival begins from January 30 and ends by March 10.

In face of the huge passenger volume, Lhasa Railway Station assigned a crew to maintain the station order and regulate the possible speculative reselling of tickets, which effectively safeguard the station order and legal rights of passengers.

According to the analysis of inward passenger source, most of them are workers and businessmen from Chengdu, Chongqing, conforming to the close ties between Tibet and Sichuan Province in economy.

Most tibetan students will return to schools, mainly in Beijing-direction, on February 25-27. And the T28 at this direction will meet passenger peak in these three days, Yi Xianfa added.

Meanwhile, Lhasa Railway Station will remove restrictions on tickets-selling for short-distance trip from March 1, which was set from February 21 in order to meet the needs of long-distance passengers.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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