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10:17 Feb 26 2010

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Over 20,000 people involved in Tibet's culture industry
10:16, February 26, 2010  

Presently, the culture industry in Tibet Autonomous Region enjoys 2,407 culture-related units with over 20,000 people involved in, sources from Tibet regional cultural authority.

Meanwhile, sales of multiculture products with strong ethnic characteristics are brisk and turn to be a key channel to increase local farmers and herders' income.Take over-700-years-history traditional dance "Duixie" for instance, the local farmer troupe in Lhatse County showed its charm on the stage of CCTV, as well as different corners in Lhasa, which has brought in a considerable sum.

In a bid to promote the orderly development of culture market, Tibet Autonomous Region stressed its management on a legal basis and promulgated "Management regulations of Tibet Autonomous Region on Culture Market" last December 30.

Moreover, the regional cultural administration actively boosted industralization of culture industry and kicked off construction of project list on culture industry last year for the first time to ask for valuable projects with Tibetan features from the society.

"This year, we will vigorously introduce powerful economic entities which involved in cultural shows, artwork production, animation development and etc. into Tibet's culture industry to cultivate a flourishing, open, order environment for culture market." said Nyima Tsering, director of TAR Cultural Affairs Office.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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