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14:59 Mar 07 2010

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A place of worship for everyone in Tibet
14:57, March 07, 2010  

For most Tibetans, the Jokhang temple is probably the most sacred and important temple in Tibet. In the Tibetan language, Jokhang means House of the Buddha.

An undated photo shows part of the Jokhang temple in Tibet.(

It is still rather chilly at 10 am, but outside the walls of the Jokhang Temple, Buddhist followers have already started worshipping on the freezing floor. In front of incense burners, pilgrims utter OM MA NI PAD ME HUM, or the six-syllable mantra as they pay homage to the sacred temple.

Everyone is welcomed here. It usually takes 3 to 4 hours for a followers to show his or her devotion by kneeing down at every Buddhist statue inside the temple.

Tourists and pilgrims walk in an orderly manner. It is believed this clockwise march will bring good fortune and peace. Although the temple is closed for maintenance, the surroundings are still available to all.

When the renovation is completed, Jokhang Temple will continue to offer everyone a place to find peace and harmony.


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