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13:24 Mar 08 2010

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Lhasa suffers no labor shortage
13:23, March 08, 2010  

Lhasa, capital city of Tibet, has not suffered a labor shortage as is the case in some eastern coastal cities, according to director of the Tibet Autonomous Regional Department of Human Resources and Social Security.

According to the department, Tibet will usher in an employment peak in March when the local economy begins to pick up and many projects will be undertaken.

In order to hire quality employees, some private companies have begun to increase the wages of drivers, construction workers and cooks. A 300-yuan rise in their wages on average can be expected, according to Tibet Daily.

Constrction workers, especially technical workers, are in great demand, according to the investigation. This reflects the region's economic recovery from the global financial crisis and the booming tourism market in Lhasa, said Tibet Daily.

"A cook could earn a monthly wage of 1,200 yuan last year, but their monthly wages have risen to 1,800 yuan now," said Li Wuyu, head of the Jinqiao Employment Agency in Lhasa. "The companies are not worried that they cannot find proper workers, and they just want to start to operate as soon as possible," he added.

For job seekers, while paying attention to their wages, they are also very concerned about their work environment.

"I like Tibet except for the oxygen deficiency. I've got good welfare in Lhasa and I even got the personal accident insurance last year," said Feng Yongchang, a young man from neighboring Sichuan Province, who has worked in Tibet for five years.

Source: Xinhuanet

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