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08:59 Mar 09 2010

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Weather experts remind Tibetans keeping warm around Jingzhe
08:58, March 09, 2010  

"Jingzhe" with the meaning of waking up the hibernated insects is the 3rd of 24 solar terms in the Chinese traditional calendars. After "Jingzhe", the weather will get warm.

In Tibet, the weather around "Jingzhe" is not stable caused by the alternating bands of warm and cold air. The weather experts remind Tibetans keeping warm and changing clothes with the weather changing.

Meanwhile, it's necessary to eat the foods rich in plant proteins and vitamins such as spinach, aloe, radish, bitter gourd, edible fungus, celery, rape, Chinese yam, lotus seeds and white fungus to avoid flu, Chickenpox, Shingles and other disease.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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