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11:30 Mar 09 2010

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Female overseas returnees live their dreams in Lhasa
11:30, March 09, 2010  

Every Saturday afternoon, 33-year-old Tsering Dekyi goes to chat with her friends in an "English Corner" as well as to prepare for next charity campaign.

As one of the initiators of the "English Corner", Tsering Dekyi acts as one of the few English teachers in Tibet University who has finished overseas study. "The English Corner is a window, a place to practise English and make friends. We have an even larger folk charity organization, Hope Corner. We hope to get more volunteers for the charity campaign," said Tsering Dekyi. "And it was the overseas study experience raising my idea of doing charity campaign."

Graduated from the English Department of Tibet University in 1999, Tsering Dekyi became an English teacher in a local primary school and just as many traditional Tibetan girls, she just wanted to live a common life, to get married and have a stable-earning job.

In 2000, Tsering Dekyi got a chance to study in the USA with the recommendation of her friend. In America, she majored in international resource management, English teaching and intercultural communication.

"The school calls for offering help to those who need," Tsering Dekyi said. And since then she started to take part in some activities to chat with needy people and paint houses built by the US government for the Mexico immigrants.

In Lhasa, more and more Tibetan have chances to study abroad and after graduation, they choose to go back to Lhasa. In Tibet University, dozens of people are overseas returnees and among them, quite a few are female.

"Without supprt of my family, it is really hard to imagine for me to study abroad," 43-year-old Gesang Dekyi said.

Graduated from the Communication University of China in 1984, Gesang Dekyi worked in Tibet People's Broadcast Station.

When at the university, Gesang Dekyi dreamed to study abroad and the chance came 20 years later. In 2004, she got the scholarship to study in University of Hawaii and her sister Tsering Yangdzom went to Norway for further study.

"I was really happy as give a hand to the others during my study in the USA," Tsering Dekyi said.

Tsering Dekyi worked in some funds and then went to Tibet University after going back in 2004. "Some young guys in Lhasa live a bald life and they hope to find kindred spirits, but they don't know where to start."

She noted down what she found and shared with friends and then comes the folk charity organization "Hope Corner". "Hope means future and better life. We hope to help people get better life," said Tsering Dekyi.

Since May 1, 2005, every Saturday, a group of people will gather at the corner to practise English and they discuss on different topics to make friends.

Now, more and more people know the organization and stand in line with the organization to deliver love to needy elders and children.

"In Tibet, a place full of Buddhism atmosphere, we originally have the culture tradition to offer help to the others and we just want to provide such a platform for people to have a chance to give help, "she said. "We gain happiness when giving help."

Tsering Dekyi gets happiness, friendship as well as love. In 2006, Champa Yundain stepped into her life and fell in love with this "most beautiful girl" in Lhasa.

Now, the couple worked together to give other people hope and Champa Yundain deeply support his wife. In 2007, Tsering Dekyi went to the US for postgraduate.

Abroad study also benefits Gesang Dekyi and her sister Tsering Yangdzom.

"I am happy now because I live a fulfilling life," Gesang Dekyi said.

"Dekyi" means happiness in Tibetan.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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