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09:24 Mar 10 2010

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Dalai Lama's representative arrested in Nepal
09:23, March 10, 2010  

The Dalai Clique's attempt to attract attention by stirring up trouble March 10 has been curbed by the Nepal government, according to a report by Global Times March 9.

March 10, 1959 was the date on which the Dalai Clique launched a revolt in Tibet, but Tibetans in exile and their supporters, western media agencies, prefer to call it "uprising day." Over the past several years, some Tibetans in exile have surrounded China's embassies in European countries and the U.S. to protest on this sensitive day. Nepal, the country closest to Tibet, has become one of the major stages for such protests.

The deputy director of Nepal's police authority told Global Times that 4,000 out of over 10,000 policemen were arranged to handle the Tibet issue in March 2009.

Although this year's March 10 has not yet arrived, Tibetan separatist organizations have already announced that they will conduct large-scale protests. However, The Times of India reported that the Dalai Lama's representative had been arrested in Nepal.

According to the newspaper, Nepal's move is aimed at preventing the representative from organizing anti-China protests March 10. India's Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) reported that Nepal made this move because of pressure from China. reported March 8 that it was not clear when the representative will be released from police detention as the arrest appeared to have been made in a clandestine operation. None of Nepal's mainstream media agencies have covered this event.

According to India's media agencies, the Nepal government arrested 36 Tibetans since the start of February who stealthily entered Nepal.

Over recent years, the Nepal government has always prohibited Tibetans from engaging in anti-China activities within its borders. Arresting the Dalai Lama's representative indicates that the Nepal government has abided by its responsibility as a friendly neighbor, and has sent a serious warning to Tibetans in exile who are plotting "Tibet independence," said Ma Jiali, an expert on international issues from the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations.

By People's Daily Online

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