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09:47 Mar 10 2010

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Official: modifying electoral law to promote democracy in Tibet
09:46, March 10, 2010  

"Modifying the electoral law not only shares the consistent with characteristics of current times, but also promotes the social harmony, equity and justice and speeds up the urbanization process," Pasang Dondrup, CPPCC National Committee member and vice-chairman of the CPPCC Tibet Regional Committee said on the panel discussion of 3rd session of 11th CPPCC National Committee in Beijing.

The draft to provide for the urban and rural deputies elected by the same proportion of the population high lightened the modification of the electoral law.

"This change with great historical significance will improve the political rights of rural population, better ensure the rural and urban people to enjoy an equal right to vote, further mobilize the entire people's enthusiasm and creativity. Meanwhile, it means a big step taken to develop socialist democratic politics and promote the constitutional principle of equality fully realized in our country," Pasang Dondrup said.

Tibet has worked on the principles of equality among all ethnic groups. Moinba and Lhoba as the ethnic minority groups owning little population still elected their own deputies of National People's Congress, which fully reflected the rights of the ethnic minorities are guaranteed.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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