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14:49 Mar 11 2010

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Some French lawmakers protest against hoisting of "Tibet flag"
14:48, March 11, 2010  

Some lawmakers from the French parliament and Paris council Wednesday called for stopping the practice to raise the "Tibet flag" in the Paris city hall on March 10.

They told a press conference that the action does not represent the collective view of the country's lawmakers or people and is unpopular.

The legislators also saw the move as an offense to China.

"We are opposing Paris city hall's choosing this provocative way to deal with the Tibet issue," said Senator Yves Pozzo di Borgo.

"The position of Paris (city hall) is in the wrong direction," said city councilor Jerome Dubus, "The sovereignty of other countries must be respected."

The city councilor added that France was the first Western country to forge diplomatic relations with China, with the understanding that China has legitimate sovereign power over its territory.

The councilor said that he would continue efforts to push the Paris council to pass a bill against the flag hoisting on March 10.

Senator Borgo said China with its long civilization and ever-increasing strengths deserves respect from other nations around the world.

Source: Xinhua

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