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14:50 Mar 11 2010

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Largest cordyceps sinensis market in Tibet to open
14:50, March 11, 2010  

The Meibang Cordyceps Sinensis Market located at the Economic and Technological Development Zone in Lhasa is under construction and is expected to start business officially in this June after finishing construction in May, sources from departments concerned on March 9.

It is estimated that 10 tons of cordyceps sinensis will be dealt in the market with the turnover of 1 billion yuan every year. And more than 350 job opportunities will be offered when the market opens.

According to professionals, the annual trading volume of cordyceps sinensis in Tibet ranges from 40 to 50 tons and the Meibang Cordyceps Sinensis Market with the annual trading volume of 10 tons has great potential. This market will also increase rural people's income and boost the standardization of Tibet's markets as strict measures will be taken for quality control and price monitoring after the Meibang Cordyceps Sinensis Market becomes operational.

(1 USD equals about 6.8 yuan.)

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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