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08:55 Mar 15 2010

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11 Tibetan separatists arrested in Nepali capital for anti-China activities
08:54, March 15, 2010  

The Nepali police arrested 11 Tibetan separatists including three women for staging protest and chanting anti-China slogans in the restricted zone of the Chinese consular section in the capital Kathmandu on Sunday.

Kathmandu Operation In-charge Pradhumna Karki said the Tibetans had been kept in police custody and would be handed over to the Department of Immigration after an investigation.

"They were arrested for their attempt to destroy friendly relationship between China and Nepal," he said.

Earlier, District Administration Office had ordered the police to keep 23 Tibetan separatists under preventive detention.

Nepali police recently have deployed extra troops near the Chinese embassy and its consular section to maintain order.

The Nepali government has reiterated that Tibet is an inalienable part of China and that it will not allow any force to use the Nepali territory to engage in any anti-China or separatist activities.

Source: CRI online

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