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08:28 Mar 17 2010

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Tibetan elements in movie '2012'
08:23, March 17, 2010  

The global warming has posed a serious threat to glaciers in the Himalayan area, with no new ice layers accumulated on most of them. (Photo Source:

Facing the approaching overwhelming billow resulting from powerful tidal waves, an old lama tolled calmly the last bell in his lamasery standing atop the peak. In a flash, the lamasery disappeared in the surge.

Let's watch again Roland Emmerich-directed blockbuster titled "2012." First, focus on the monastery located on the top of the world.

The world's highest-altitude monastery "Rongbo"

Lying against the background of Mt. Qomolangma, the Rongbo Monastery looks mysterious with dark red enclosure, colorful prayer streamers and white stupas. Some 20 km from the peak of Mt. Qomolangma, the monastery is regarded as the best location to appreciate the magnificent peak.

As a Base Camp for mountaineers scaling Qomolangma from its north side, the monastery has also drawn the public attention with delicate frescoes since it reopened in 2008. Flowing across the mountain foot is the Rongbo River formed by melting glaciers of Rongbo, the largest of its kind in the Qomolangma area.
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