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16:04 Mar 17 2010

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Tibet to establish 3 more wetlands nature reserves
16:03, March 17, 2010  

Photo shows the scenery of Ra'og Lake. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

Three more wetlands nature reserves will be built up in Sangsang, Ngangzi-Maerxia Co and Ra'og Lake areas, according to TAR government.

Zongga, director of TAR Forest Protection Bureau said:" These three wetlands play very important role in protecting geographical environment, natural resources, biological diversity and cultural heritages."

The three wetlands with total area of 1,066,250,000 hectares as one of the few alpine wetlands in the world are the ideal places to study the plateau lakes environment as well.

Sangsang nature reserve locates in Ngamring County of Xigaze owns unique alpine wetland system and alpine swamp meadow system, Ngangzi-Maerxia Co nature reserve in Nyima County of Nagqu is famous for Qiangtang Plateau wetland characteristics, and Ra'og Lake nature reserve is in Baxoi county of Chamdo with lakes, forests, grasslands, meadows and wetlands 5 ecosystems.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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