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10:20 Mar 18 2010

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Head of Tibet's legislature holds talks with Australian parliament leaders
10:19, March 18, 2010  

Visiting Chairman of the Standing Committee of Tibet Autonomous Regional People's Congress Qiangba Puncog held talks with Australian Speaker of the House of Representatives Harry Jenkins and President of the Senate John Hogg Canberra on Wednesday.

Qiangba Puncog, leading a Chinese National People's Congress delegation, said thanks to consistent efforts and support from both Australia and China, Sino-Australian relations keep gaining momentum for growth and enjoy a promising prospect, which enabled vigorous exchanges between the Chinese People's Congress and the Australian Parliament in recent years.

"I wish this trip to Australia being face to face to Australian officials will further promote mutual understandings between China and Australia and inject vigor to our future exchanges and communications."

Qiangba Puncog said Tibet related issues remain a core interest of China that refers to state sovereignty and territorial integrity. "This is neither a religious issue nor a human right issue." He wishes Australia would extend full understanding over it and show its respect to China's major concerns, in order to consistently handle those Tibet related issues in a proper way.

Jenkins and Hogg extend warm welcome to the Chinese delegation. They said such visit and dialogue are helpful in deepening understandings and promote people to people friendship. Hogg joyfully recalled his visit to Tibet last November and said he is now clear about China's stance on Tibet and its concern.

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