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11:18 Mar 18 2010

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Tibet released 1.45 mln debit cards in 2009
11:17, March 18, 2010  

Photo shows the bank staff is operating the ATM machine which can provide cash deposits, self-payment, IC services, currency exchange and other services.

Up to 2009, a total number of 1.45 million debit cards have been released, according to China Union Pay Tibet Branch.

Xin Jianhua, staff from China Union Pay Tibet Branch introduced:" Up to 2009, there are 1,783 bank card merchants, 2,123 POS machines, 365 ATM machines in Tibet. The transaction amounts of POS machines and ATM machines had hit 990 million yuan and 1.38 billion yuan respectively. The bank card market is expanding, and the investment environment is improving."

China Union Pay with all commercial banks in Tibet will provide more convenient, safe, high-quality bank services for customers to boost the development of economy all over the region.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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