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16:46 Mar 22 2010

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Old-line 'Bangdian' revives in modern society
09:33, March 19, 2010  
Old-line 'Bangdian' revives in modern society

Tenzin, a farmer in Jiedexiu Township is weaving "Bangdian", Tibetan style apron. (Xinhua Photo)

As the "Bangdian" (a kind of Tibetan apron) weaving was listed to be national intangible cultural relics in 2006, Jiedexiu Township in Gonggar County of Lhoka beside the Yarlung Zangbo River turns into a factory workshop from the original family workshop. Brand effect and more kinds of "Bangdian" sell all over the world and increase locals' income.

With a history of over 1,500 years, the "Bangdian" in Jiedexiu Township is famous for its fresh color, non-shrinking and fastness.

Source: China Tibet Information Center
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