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16:46 Mar 22 2010

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Tibet Philharmonic Orchestra to debut in BJ
10:13, March 19, 2010  

From April 6 to 25, 11 famous native symphony groups will give performances at National Grand Theater in Beijing, according to the schedule and lineup of the 2nd "China's Spring Symphony".

It will be the first time for Tibet Philharmonic Orchestra to perform in Beijing showing 6 symphonic works from Tibetan local composers.

Penba, composer of the works "Brahmaputra Grand Canyon" said:" All the musical instruments are collected from the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, the palace and the Tibetans. This works in form of symphony expresses the origin of the Tibetans, and the new look of nowadays Tibet."

The 2nd "China's Spring Symphony" cosponsored by Ministry of Culture, the National Grand Theater and the Chinese Musicians Association aims to show the audience original symphonies with Chinese characteristics.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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