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17:51 Mar 25 2010

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Tibetan pupil: Internet enriches my life
11:04, March 22, 2010  

Photo shows students attending computer class in the Lhasa Middle School, Tibet's capital of Lhasa. (Xinhua Photo)

Lhaba Tenzin, an 11-year-old Tibetan boy in grade six of Lhasa's Chengguanquxue Primary School, begins his daily school life by surfing the Internet in a multimedia classroom.

"I usually search reference materials, watch movies and browse news items online. The Net has connected me with a colorful world outside," Tenzin said while typing the keyboard and clicking the mouse skillfully from time to time.

In his teacher Tsezin's eyes, Tenzin and his classmates are so lucky because their school had no decent building ten years ago, let alone multimedia classroom.

"Our school used to lie at the foot of the Potala Palace in downtown Lhasa and had poor conditions with faculty shortages. Now, we have 94 teachers in all and our teaching environment has been improving with the furnishing of modern facilities," the teacher said.

In Tibet today, teaching in three languages, namely, Tibetan, Han, and English and multimedia teaching have been available for 330,000 pupils in about 200 schools. Lhaba and his schoolmates can talk with one another in fluent Tibetan and Han languages and speak a little English.

Source: Xinhua
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