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14:23 Aug 10 2010

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Was Old Tibet a "Civilized Society"?
10:46, March 23, 2010  

Early this year, an article published by the Dalai clique titled "China's Claim that 'Old Tibet' Was a Feudal Serfdom is Fiction" claimed that before 1949, "Tibet was neither an ideal society nor a feudal serfdom society". It described old Tibet as a beggar-free, rule-of-law society without famine in which tenants were wealthy and the economy was self-sufficient. The article asserted that the old Tibet was a "more civilized society" than China of today.

How could the old Tibet be a "civilized society"? Where is the evidence? The American Tibetologist Tom Grunfeld once said: "There is no evidence that the old Tibet was a utopian society." However, there was plenty of evidence to prove that the old Tibet was a cruel feudal serfdom society. A huge amount of historical facts, the research by many Tibetologists, as well as the experiences of the descendants of serfs could all prove that the old Tibet was a feudal serfdom society.

The old Tibet was a society of feudal serfdom under the integration of religion and politics and the dictatorship of monks and aristocrats. The entire infield, pastures, forest, mountains, rivers and most of the livestock were owned by monks and aristocrats. About 90 percent of the population was serfs. Besides serfs, there were "nangsen", who made up 5 percent of the total population. The "nangsens" were household servants for lords for generations without any production materials or personal freedom. Melvyn C.Goldstein, an American Tibetologist, once pointed out that the privilege which the monks and aristocrats enjoyed was the biggest hindrance in the development of Tibet. A great deal of historical facts and research results of many Tibetologists all proved that the old Tibet was a feudal serfdom society under theocracy.

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