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13:15 Mar 23 2010

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Performances in Lhasa to celebrate coming 'Serfs' Emancipation Day'
13:14, March 23, 2010  

A performance to celebrate the "Serfs' Emancipation Day" which falls on March 28 was held at Dzongyab Lukhang (also known as Naga King) Park on March 21.

Organized by Lhasa Chengguan District Committee and Chengguan District Government, the performance started at 10:30 with 16 programs given by Nyangri Folk Art Troupe, Shoba Lhamo Folk Art Group and Tsechokling Tibetan Oprea Team.

"Celebrating the 'Serfs' Emancipation Day' helps us better understand the history of Tibet and further cherish today's happy life," Tsering, an audience said.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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