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15:13 Mar 31 2010

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2,787 Expo tickets sold via China Telecom Tibet branch
10:25, March 25, 2010  

Photo shows the girls wearing Tibetan costumes on the Shanghai World Expo week of promotion activities. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

Up to March 24, a total number of 2,787 tickets for Shanghai Expo have been sold as China Telecom Tibet branch has set up Expo ticket sales outlets in 7 prefectures of Tibet.

Liao Yong, business operations manager of China Telecom Tibet branch said:" With the Expo approaching, the tickets are selling well. It is expected that the Expo will attract 70 million visitors from over 200 countries and international organizations."

The master plan of Shanghai Expo puts forward a five-level structure of parks, enclosed areas, zones, groups and clusters. China Pavilion and national pavilions for Asian countries except Southeast Asian ones locate at east in the Pudong section. In middle part of Pudong area, there will be the theme pavilions, Expo Boulevard, World Expo centre, and Expo performance centre. The European and African state pavilions are located in west areas of Pudong. And Puxi section will host stand-alone corporate pavilions, urban civilization pavilions, urban exploration pavilion and the urban best practices area.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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