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08:18 Mar 26 2010

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CEA to launch two flights to Tibet's Nyingchi in May
08:17, March 26, 2010  

China Eastern Airlines (CEA) will launch two flights to Tibet's Nyingchi Prefecture on May 1 this year, according to the Nyingchi Prefecture Tourism Bureau.

CEA will open the Guangzhou-Chengdu-Nyingchi route and the Guangzhou-Chongqing-Nyingchi route to meet the needs of increasing number of tourists to Tibet.

With two more flights, the number of flights in and out of the Nyingchi Airport will rise to four to five per day.

Nyingchi, located in southeastern Tibet, is regarded as the "peach blossom wonderland" on the "roof of the world" and rich in tourism resources.

"The two new flights will make travel to Tibet more convenient for visitors and increase the number of tourists to the region," said Zhang Liwen, a senior official of the bureau.

"The operation of the flights will further promote the tourism of Nyingchi, which serves as a tourism distribution center for Tibet," Zhang added.

Source: Xinhuanet

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