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10:55 Mar 26 2010

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Chinese Tibetologists visit Germany
10:55, March 26, 2010  

A delegation of Chinese Tibetologists is visiting Berlin. The group is introducing Tibet to Germany, with its first-hand information.

At a symposium with the German media the Chinese Tibetologists introduces the real situation on the development of Tibet's economy, heritage, culture, and environmental protection. They also answered reporters' questions on Tibet's modernization process and the opportunities and challenges that Tibet will face.
Tibetologist Danzeng Lhunzhub said, "We grew up in Tibet, and the Germans attending the Sympusium are very interested when I introduce Tibet with my personal experiences. It is very persuadable. They also spoke highly of the achievements that Tibet has made in modernization and traditional cultural development, as well as environmental protection."

Frank Herold, reporter of Berliner Zeitung, said, "Germany is far away from Tibet, so the opportunity is very important for us to get the information from the Chinese Tibetologists, and comprehend the Chinese government's stand on Tibet."

The Tibetologists are also attending a symposium with German overseas Chinese answering questions on the relationship between Han and the Tibetan ethnic minority group,as well as the history of Tibet.

In the coming days,the delegation will visit Hamburg in Germany, then Zurich and Berne in Switzerland.

Source: CCTV online

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