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17:59 Mar 29 2010

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Interaction on "Relationship between Nepal and China's Tibet" held in Nepal
08:56, March 29, 2010  

Interaction on "Relationship between Nepal and China's Tibet" was held in Nepali capital Kathmandu on Friday on the occasion of 2nd Serfs Emancipation Day going to be celebrated two days later.

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Qiu Guohong made a speech on the relationship between China's Tibet and Nepal at the interaction program organized by Nepal-China Media Forum.

He said linked by mountains and rivers, Nepal and China's Tibet share a long history of friendship. But due to the Himalayas, many Nepalese friends still have no adequate understanding about China's Tibet, especially modern Tibet.

Two days later, Tibet will celebrate the 2nd Serfs Emancipation Day, Qiu said, "Here I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you the real situation in Tibet, so that the Nepalese people can have a better understanding of Tibet and huge changes taking place in Tibet over the past 50 years and with Tibetans in the capacity of masters of the nation."

Tibet has been an inalienable part of China since ancient times. Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet in 1951, especially the democratic reform of Tibet in 1959, Tibet has stepped forward from darkness to brightness, from poverty to prosperity, from autocratic rule to democracy, and from self-seclusion to opening up, the ambassador said.

At present, he noted, Tibet is in its best period of historical development with rapid economic and social progress, cultural prosperity, improved living conditions, national unity, good government and harmonious people.

Speaking on the same occasion, Minister for Information and Communication and Spokesperson of the government Shanker Pokhrel said that the relations between China and Nepal are very strong.

"The relation between China's Tibet and Nepal started ages before which is the central point of the friendship and diplomatic relation of Nepal and China," he said.

Different speakers highlighted China's Tibet in the program.

Source: Xinhua

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