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09:14 Mar 29 2010

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Recall history, cherish happiness
09:13, March 29, 2010  

Primary school students in Kyerpa Township, Nedong County, southern Tibet's Shannan Prefecture are visiting the exhibition hall on March 28, photo from Xinhua.

Local people in Kyerpa Township, Shannnan Prefecture visited the exhibition hall in the township to recall their miserable life before democratic reform on March 28, which marks the second "Serfs Emancipation Day."

Renowned as the forerunner of millions of serfs, Kyerpa Township is the cradle of the first "Nangsan (house slave) mutual-aid team". By now, the life of people in Kyerpa Township has undergone tremendous changes and the per capita annual income in 2009 has reached 4,640 yuan.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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