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10:52 Mar 30 2010

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Sichuan Khampa Tibetan TV to build reporter station
10:51, March 30, 2010  

Photo taken in March 2010 shows Chiimi Wangmo, an archor of the Sichuan Khampa Tibetan Statellite Television broadcasting news outside the Great Hall of the People during the period of the NPC and CPPCC held in Beijing. (Photo Source: Sichuan Daily)

The Sichuan Khampa Tibetan Satellite Television will set up its first prefecture-level reporter station in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province in the near future.

Khampa is a Tibetan dialect spoken mainly in mountainous areas on the southeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, including Tibet's Qamdo Prefecture and Yunnan's Deqen, Sichuan's Garze and Qinghai's Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefectures.

In line with Garze's cultural and tourist resources, the TV station will build the prefecture into a major base for film and TV play production and translation in the Khampa Tibetan dialect, according to an agreement signed Sunday by the Garze Publicity Department of Prefectural Committee of the Chinese Communist Party and the TV station.

Source: Xinhuanet

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