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09:55 Mar 31 2010

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Tibetan Culture Museum, entrance of Tibetan culture
09:49, March 31, 2010  

The Tibetan Culture Museum. (China Tibet Information Center Photo)

An opening ceremony for Tibetan Culture Museum of China Tibetology Research Center & "Snowy Land Treasure" was kicked off in Beijing, capital of China on March 28 marking the 51st anniversary of democratic reform in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

With the aim of collecting, protecting and researching cultural heritages and intangible cultural heritages in Tibet and other Tibetan-inhabited areas, this state-level museum with strong Tibetan feature and equipped with modern facilities will open anther window for local citizens and tourists to understand Tibetan culture.

In the past three years, experts and personnels of the organizing office of the Tibetan Culture Museum has set up cooperative ties with over 20 units and private collectors, such as State Administration of Cultural Heritage, the Palace Museum, the Yonghegong Lama Temple and etc.and dealed with some 30 contracts of cultural relics loan for exhibition. By now, it has enjoyed over 2,000 pieces of cultural relics covering historical relics, Thangkas, religious instruments, books and etc, including 10 pieces of grade-one cultural relics.

The "Snowy Land Treasure" exhibition held on the same day, the first exhibition in Tibetan Culture Museum demonstrates its hard-working in past few years and its all-embracing exhibit on Tibetan culture, life and etc.

Themed with "Witness Tibetan History" and "Develop Tibetan Culture", the whole exhibition presents a systematic introduction of Tibetan history and its culture with some 1,000 pieces exhibits.

The multi-media technology is the highlight of the exhibition. It takes you into a vivid and specific world full of Tibetan characteristics, which you can touch, you can see, you can read, you can write, you can dance, you can live...

Entering the Third Hall: the Key of Wisdom, the sculpture of Tonmi Sambhota, minister of Songtsan Gambo who had made great contribution to the founding of Tibetan characters, greets every visitor who is surrounded by the flowing Tibetan characters on both sides of the walls. If those interesting Tibetan characters intrigue your interest on handwriting, you can learn writing Tibetan words on the machine around the corner.

Apart from this, if you have never taken Qinghai-Tibet Railway, you can visit the Qinghai-Tibet Railway sand table, from which you can get a direct understanding of its route; if you have no idea about Tibetan people's life, you can go to a Tibetan house, where you can see the Tibetan architecture, touch Tibetan articles for daily use, feel Tibetan people's life; if you have never heard about Buddhism scripture printing, you can not only see the on-site scripture printing, but also can print a scripture by yourself.

The "Snowy Land Treasure" showcases the gorgeous Tibetan culture and history in diversified measures and opens a window for people to feel it. As the biggest Tibet-culture-oriented museum, Tibet Culture Museum acts as the entrance of Tibetan culture for all the people from home and abroad.

Source: China Tibet Information Center
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